What Is Yoga Nidra?

We often come to our yoga mat to sweat, strengthen, and balance the stress in our life through a vinyasa classes. We want to settle our restless monkey mind and stretch through the stiffness of our muscles from being sedentary all day or doing monotonous repetitive tasks for work. We seek to balance the stress in our life. Yang Yoga, or this more active yoga, is wonderful for invigorating the body, getting the heart pumping, and finding movement in our lives. On the flip side, the yin side of yoga, there are wonderful slower practices such as restorative and yin yoga. Restorative focusing o the healing of the nervous system and yin focusing on opening up the energetic channels of the fascia, ligaments, and tendons. However, I bet you haven’t heard much about another slower type of yoga called Yoga Nidra. 

Yoga Nidra is a powerful practice of deep relaxation and transformative self-inquiry. A practice devoted to allowing your body and mind to rest while your consciousness remains awake and aware, creating the opportunity for you to tap into a deeper understanding of yourself and your true nature. On a scientific level, which has been studied for many years through the iRest Institute for military veterans and at Cleveland Clinic, it has been shown that Yoga Nidra directly impacts brain waves. We are often in the gamma and beta cycle of brain waves in our everyday life, working, thinking, driving, studying, and being active. We start to move into the alpha brain waves by sitting down to read, watch a show, or listen to relaxing music. Yoga Asana and Pranayama help us move into the slower and more flowy alpha brain waves as well. Traveling even deeper into the settling of the mind and detached conscious awareness of theta and delta brain waves, we fall asleep or we are in meditation. This is where the magic of healing happens on a cellular level through yogic sleep.

At its heart, Yoga Nidra is about waking up to the fullness of your life. During a nidra, the guide will take you through the five subtle layers of the body called Koshas. The physical body by way of a body scan exploring from head to toe. The energetic body by way of the breath, providing you a distinct pranayama to practice while seated and laying down. The mental body by way of exploration of life’s dualities in our senses such as light and dark, hot and cold and the dualities of our feelings such as content and discontent, joyful and sad, amongst others. Moving deeper into your consciousness, while your physical body is in complete relaxation, the guide will take you to the intuitive body by way of subtle imagery and visualizations. At this point, you may find yourself sleeping, yet awake. You are experiencing the in-between, you reach the fifth and final bliss body. Moving towards a greater sense of stability, peace, and clarity in all aspects of your life as you deepen your Yoga Nidra practice and discover its true power. Yoga Nidra helps with insomnia and sleep issues, it is a powerful tool to allow a sense of complete surrender in a safe space of guidance. It is said that 30 minutes of Yoga Nidra is equal to 2-4 hours of sleep. Curious? Join Sirena Tuesdays nights at 7:30pm for Yin & Nidra.

Wooden Mountain becomes Loveland Climbing Collective

We’re excited to announce that beginning January 1, 2023 Wooden Mountain in Loveland will become Climbing Collective at Loveland. This is the first step in our growth plans that will give Climbing Collective members even more value. That’s because, in the new year, existing members of Longmont Climbing Collective and Wooden Mountain will have access to both gyms all for the same price as their current membership.

We want to thank Adam Lum, Brian Stefanovic, Evan Mann and the entire Wooden Mountain staff for operating such a great bouldering gym in Loveland since 2018. There’s so much to love about that gym and we’re sure that you’ll see why when you visit for the first time.

By now you probably know that there are several other exciting things happening for the Northern Colorado Climbing community. The new Longmont gym is being built as we speak. As you’re driving west on Ken Pratt from I-25 you’ll start to see the new gym building go up very soon. The brand new facility will have everything that Longmont Climbing Collective members have come to enjoy, but there will also be lots of roped climbing including a 50 foot tall outdoor wall with a fabulous view of the mountains. If that wasn’t enough, we’re very close to finalizing a deal to open a third gym in Greeley. Stay tuned for progress updates on all three locations in Longmont, Loveland and Greeley.

Introducing Greeley Climbing Collective

You probably already know about the brand new Longmont Climbing Collective facility on Ken Pratt Boulevard across from Sandstone Ranch that we're planning to open next summer. In case you haven't heard about that new and expanded world-class facility, you can read more about it here - https://www.longmontclimbingcollective.com/info/the-new-lcc/.

But that's not all we have planned for next year. Based on the incredible success we've had building a Longmont climbing community, LCC has decided to open a second location in Greeley, Colorado. We’ve signed an initial agreement for a property in Greeley and are just finalizing the designs to ensure that we can offer the same great service in both locations. Here's the most exciting part - your LCC membership will entitle you to train and climb in both locations! In Greeley, you can look forward to 10,000-15,000 feet of bouldering and rope climbing as well as most of the benefits that you're used to at LCC. These benefits include:

  • Fitness center
  • Yoga room
  • Locker room
  • Retail climbing shop
  • Adjustable training boards
  • Outdoor food truck venue
  • Partnership discounts with a variety of local favorites

While we're still formalizing the plans for Greeley, we already have a great design to renovate an existing building and we wanted to share this sneak peek with you.

We're still finalizing the design so if you've got ideas or suggestions, we'd love to hear them! We hope that you are as excited as we are to expand climbing opportunities on the Front Range. Thank you very much for your continued support.

Longmont Climbing Collective breaks ground on new gym

Written by Macie May of the Longmont Leader

The owners expect the new facility will open in the summer of 2023

Before the Longmont Climbing Collective took up its current home at 33 S. Pratt Pkwy, it faced a series of trials just to get started. While the owners predict life will continue to throw them curve balls, they took a moment to celebrate a momentous moment.

In 2008, the economics at the time prevented the six co-owners from getting a loan said Bryan Hylenski. A problem that was resolved by 2013.

At that point, a location was set, a loan secured and the business was all set to take off. Then the 2013 flood raged through the area, once again postponing the dream.

Through the hardships, the six owners never gave up hope and were rewarded when they were able to open the climbing facility on Pratt Parkway in 2018.

The current facility is 13,500 sq ft and primarily hosts an indoor bouldering gym.

Despite seeing part of the dream come true, Hylenski said his true dream has always been to open a full-service gym with rope and bouldering offerings.

On Monday, the crew, family and friends saw the first step to that coming to fruition. The Longmont Climbing Collective broke ground on a 24,000 sq ft gym.

“It’s been two years in the making … It’s been one of the hardest things we have ever had to do,” Hylenski said.

The new space is located on Pinnacle Avenue and Colo 119. It will feature 60- to 70-foot indoor climbing routes, speed climbing walls, sauna and hot tub, 800 square feet of designated training area, an outdoor patio for yoga and fitness classes, retail space, a cafe and a self-serve taproom.

Additionally, LCC is hoping to utilize its outdoor space for local events.

The project is estimated to take 10 months and the team is hoping for a June 1 opening to kick off a busy time of year.

For Helenski, the journey has been like climbing a new mountain, failing often but never giving up. For him and the crew, the mood of the day was excitement about their ascension of this particular mountain.

What is Yin Yoga?

Have you ever wondered what the difference was between Restorative and Yin Yoga? Have you looked at the yoga schedule and thought “hmmm, Yin Yoga, what is that?!” In considering classes for your yoga practice, you may stick with what you know, it’s comforting and you know what to expect. Totally understandable! Or maybe you choose Restorative versus Yin, because you’ve tried it before and you know that you finally just get to lay on the floor with lots of blankets, bolsters, and an eye pillow to close off the outside world. We need that, we do. Restorative Yoga is just that, a restoration of our nervous system. It gives you permission to slow down, relax, and let an internal healing take place. It helps you get out of the chronic stress loop. Yin yoga is actually very similar because it also helps us balance our energies in this very active Yang world.

We live in a world that wants everything fast, now, and readily available. The fast-paced media driven culture plants unnecessary expectations of how we should be achieving, doing, and producing at all times. There is no value in taking it slow, doing nothing, and making time to rest. We need down time to find harmony in our world, otherwise we risk burn out and overwhelm. Where Restorative Yoga helps your nervous system, Yin Yoga is about your energy flow and the deeper tissues of your physical body. Based in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yin Yoga helps balance your very active Yang lifestyle.

Yin Yoga is slower and less active; Yang yoga such asVinyasa is faster and more active. In this gentler class, Yin Yoga focuses on the deeper “yin” tissues of your ligaments, joints, fascia, and even your bones. Yang classes such as Vinyasa focuses more on the “yang” tissues of your muscles, circulation of blood, and detox through the skin. In aYin class you will experience around 6-8 poses and they are primarily done seated and held for longer (3-5 minutes) to invoke greater control of the overactive mind and help balance your yang lifestyle. Yin tissues appreciate and require gentler pressures, applied for longer periods of time to be stimulated and regain strength and space, especially in your joints. Yin works withChinese Meridian Energy Lines, which are channels of life force energy through the body. In yoga, we call this prana travelling through the nadis, in Chinese it is called Chi, and in Japanese it is called Ki. The teacher may focus on one or more of these lines, applying pressure through the pose using blocks, blankets, or even a roller ball on acupressure points. In Ayurveda, these connections are called marma points.

With emphasis on certain energy lines, you will experience a feeling of rejuvenation to provide energy flow through the organs and release tension in the deeper parts of the fascia. Blocked and stagnant energy causes pain and tension, especially in the fascia. Fascia is the connective tissue holding and binding together your internal body structures. Scar tissue can be held here from physical trauma and tension could also exist within due to emotional trauma. Yin Yoga will release the tension in the fascia, which helps with pain management and emotional processing. Pain management and relief is so important in our chronically stressed world. Both Restorative and Yin Yoga are wonderful for slowing you down, allowing you space to relax and just be. If you are curious about trying a Yin Yoga class, join Sirena on Tuesdays and Amanda on Thursdays, both classes at 7:30 PM. Balance out your yang life and workouts with a slow down into the subtle body and energy system with a yin healing pace.

Written by Sirena Dudgeon.

Sirena is an experienced yoga teacher holding certifications as an E-RYT 200, RYT 500, and in Yin and Restorative Yoga. As the owner of Life Cycles Yoga she specializes in astrology and yoga, teaching workshops and holding training sessions at various national yoga conferences as a YACEP contributor for Yoga Alliance.

Sirena recently co-authored a yoga book on the spiritual aspect of intersecting various mystical and religious beliefs. She engages in a yoga practice that goes beyond the mat and connects deeply with her students, encouraging them to embrace their own practice for where they are in their life journey.

Longmont Climbing Collective Climbs to New Heights

Written by Ali May of the Longmont Leader

The climbing company hopes to break ground on its 24,000 square foot development designed by Lodestone Design Group at Pinnacle Avenue and C0 119 in the next few weeks.

The Longmont Climbing Collective, a local indoor bouldering gym started by three families, is planning a major expansion with one — possibly two — new locations. The upgrade will introduce rope climbing, a taproom and other fitness programs beyond climbing.

The climbing company hopes to break ground on its 24,000 square foot development designed by Lodestone Design Group at Pinnacle Avenue and Colo 119 in the next few weeks, said CEO and founder Bryan Hylenski. The facility was approved for construction by Longmont City Council in December 2021 after a recommendation from the Planning and Zoning Commission. At this time, Hylenski said he's patiently waiting for a construction permit to break ground and aiming for a fall 2022 or winter 2023 opening date.

When the LCC, currently a roughly 13,500 square foot gym at 33 South Pratt Parkway, opened in 2018 it already planned on sizing up. Hylensk said he originally wanted a full-service gym with rope and bouldering offerings, but finding a large enough space and enough funding at the time wasn’t in the cards.

“There's really no buildings Longmont that have 50-foot high ceilings, so we knew we'd have to build one,” Hylenski said.

Bouldering, a type of rock climbing without ropes, is a lot lower than climbing on walls with ropes. After a few years of operating as a bouldering-only climbing gym, the LCC is ready to build the facility they envisioned.

The gym will sit on 12 acres of land with views of the Rockies. Its planned features include 60- to 70-foot indoor climbing routes, speed climbing walls, sauna and hot tub, 800 square feet of designated training area, an outdoor patio for yoga and fitness classes, retail space, a cafe and a self-serve taproom.

A 50-foot outdoor rock wall with an overhead roof will double as an event space. The LCC hopes its facility can be about more than fitness and also attract event and concert-goers, hosting gatherings and food trucks on its land.

“We're also going to have an outdoor wall that has a roof over it and it opens up to five acres of beautiful grass, farmland that has views of the mountains,” Hylenski said. “And so that will allow us to not only host events, but also just have an area where people can come with their dogs and kids and not be so compressed inside of a building where there's chalk in the air and people running around and on top of each other.”

Though there is a lot going on in the planned gym, LCC co-founder Mack Maier is looking forward to the most is the rope climbing.

“That's something that we've never had before and it's an offering that the community really wants. I personally really want it,” Maier said, adding he’s also excited to upgrade the fitness class space. “We've got a really small — it's really functional — but we have a really small fitness area and I'm really excited to get a much-improved fitness area.”

After the new LCC is built, Hylenski said, the current location will eventually close in the years following the opening. He added that they will move the bouldering walls to another Colorado city, letting the new LCC be its Longmont flagship. Though he can’t share details yet about the deal or what the real estate will be used for, Hylenksi said the climbing company is in the process of buying a building in Greeley.

Journey Through the Chakras

The Chakras – Decoded

Often in our Shri Yoga classes or workshops you may have heard your teachers talk about the chakras or energy centers. These wheels of energy can be utilized as a tool for optimizing both our physical and emotional wellness.  Chakra means wheel or disk in Sanskrit and refers to the energy centers that run the length of your spine from the base of your pelvis to the crown of your head.  Each chakras has their own symbol, color, area of the body and even elements that it affects and controls. To function at their best, your chakras need to stay open, or balanced. If they get blocked, you may experience physical or emotional symptoms related to a particular chakra. Let’s see how we can decode these systems to help support our overall wellness, one energy center at a time.

First Chakra (Muladhara)




Dark Red like clay dirt

Physical Connection

Lower body legs and feet


Self-Preservation, family, tribe

In Balance

Healthy Prosperity security and dynamic presence

Second Chakra (Svadhistana) 




Deep, rich orange like the sunset

Physical Connection

Hips, pelvis, low back 


Emotions, Relationships with others

In Balance

We feel fulfilled, creatively empowered and are able to accept change.  

Third Chakra (Manipura) 




Bright yellow like the sun

Physical Connection

Solar plexus, abdomen, center.


Personal will, autonomy and our metabolism

In Balance

We feel energized, effective and standing in our personal power. 

Fourth Chakra (Anahata) 




Green like new, spring grass

Physical Connection

Heart and chest


Love, compassion and forgiveness

In Balance

We are able to love deeply, feel compassion and have a deep sense of peace and centeredness. 

Fifth Chakra (Vishuddha) 




Bright Blue, the color of the tropical ocean

Physical Connection

The area of the throat and voice


Our ability to communicate effectively and speak our own truth

In Balance

We are able to experience the world through vibration, sound and language.

Sixth Chakra (Ajna) 





Physical Connection

The eyes located in between our eye brows


This is connected to the act of seeing both physically and intuitively.

In Balance

We clearly see and perceive external and internal situations

Seventh Chakra (Sahasrara) 


None – Beyond the elements



Physical Connection

The top of the head and brain


This center integrates all six chakras below it and invites in a higher vibration to all

In Balance

This energy center brings us knowledge, wisdom, understanding and spiritual connection.

Now that we have broken down each energy center into its parts, what do we do next?  How do we put this information into practice?  We use the tools of yoga movement, breath, sound and meditation to first access then balance these energies within us.

Join Shauna at Shri Yoga for a Journey Through the Chakras. 

Wednesday, May 11th from 6:00 PM – 7:15 PM

Sign up here

Breaking Beta Girl Scout Patch at LCC

“Hi my name is Terra Brubaker. I am a Cadette Girl Scout in troop #77915. For my Silver Award I created an indoor climbing patch program and requirements that can be completed at the Longmont Climbing Collective.

The name of the patch is “Breaking Beta.” In climbing jargon that means that you get the information you need to be successful in a climbing route. I am hoping girls get the information they need to feel successful and empowered to climb. I coordinated with one of the LCC owners to ensure trained climbing instructors from the LCC will help the girls complete the patch requirements.

I chose to create this patch because I was spending a lot of time at the climbing gym and not seeing many young girls there. I took many classes and learned how to feel confident climbing using the right techniques. I felt that if I created a program for girl scouts that introduced girls to climbing in a safe and fun way they might feel more successful at this sport.

The purpose for this patch is to get girls engaged with the sport of indoor climbing. Indoor climbing, successfully, can help girls excel in other activities that require balance, upper body strength and lower body strength. It helps girls get physically and mentally stronger as they move from one place to another on the wall.

The cost would be $25.00 per girl. With a minimum size group of 8-10 girls. Above ten girls the cost will be $50.00 because they need to add a second coach. The session will be 90 minutes. The girls will receive a patch at the end of the climbing session. I hope to attend a few of the girl scout sessions, if I am able, to help assist the LCC coaching staff. Contact the information of the flyer to set up the time and date your troop would like to attend at your convenience.”

– Terra Brubaker