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We are open under new guidelines

We worked with state and local officials to find a way to open for you but we have to follow some new guidelines for now.  Here's what you need to know plus new guidelines on masks:

  • Open to a maximum of 36 people at a time
  • You can check current capacity in real time by viewing the people count above
  • No reservations are required
  • Social distances practices remain in place
  • Use hand sanitizer stations located throughout the gym
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Training and yoga classes offered at limited capacity
  • Virtual yoga classes still available
  • Follow all guidelines as posted in the gym and advised by staff

***New***  Masks must be worn at all time  No exceptions.  We are following the guidelines of Boulder County officials. As we strive to keep our community healthy and limit the spread of COVID-19, here's everything you need to know:

  • Masks will be required by everyone inside the gym beginning Friday, July 3rd.
  • Masks will be available for purchase for $1, though bringing your own mask is encouraged as masks are still in short supply.
  • Masks covering the mouth and nose are required at all times.
  • For all yoga classes, masks are also required at all times.

We are very glad to welcome you back when you are ready.  Hope to see you soon!

**Please note that starting June 15th, we will be closed from 9-12AM during weekdays to avoid contact with summer campers.

Summer Camps Are Happening!  Sign up early for an early bird discount.

Wall of Gratitude

Aaron Benson
Adam Benson
Adam Flory
Adam Ross
Addison LeMessurier
Aidan Smith
Al Semjonovs
Alex Rosa
Alex Vargas
Alex Womeldorph
Alexander Preston
Alexander Sollie
Alexandra DiMatteo
Alexis Corral
Alexis Csenger
Alexis Gainer
Alice Ruppert
Alicia Doyle
Alison Walasinski
Allison Geisler
Allison Williams
Alyssa Kennedy
Amanda Elkhateeb
Amy Long
Andi Ellis
Andrew Altomare
Andrew Dimatteo
Andrew MacFarland
Andria Ellis
Angelique Velasco
Anna Brown
Anna Carlson
Anne Shelton
Anthony Bozza
Anthony Conrad
Aric Beehler
Ariel Kallenbach
Asher Sittler
Ashley Holler
Ashwath Gundepally
Aubrey De Vries
Aubrey Whipkey
Bailey Parker
Beau Clark
Ben Campbell
Ben Kelleher
Ben LeMurier
Ben Ratliff
Benjamin Docter
Benjamin Ott
Benjamin Vargas
Benjamin White
Bethany Sass
Blaine Christine
Bradley Pospeck
Brandon Rodie
Brandon Singleton
Brent Gooch
Brett Armstrong
Brett Eastman
Brian Childress
Brian Sweeney
Briana Bartscherer
Brodie Hoyer
Brooke Bundick
Bryan Shelton
Bryan White
Bryce Frazee
Byron Kominek
Caitlin Mahanna
Caleb Davidson
Caroline Grundy
Carolyn Elam
Casey Dowling
Cassandra Gilbert
Catrina Asher
Chad Allen
Charles Hixon
Charles Yhap
Charlie Beck
Chase White
Chris Ahumada
Chris Davis
Chris Hamilton
Chris Krauss
Clare Buttry
Cole Sheppard
Colin Smith
Cori Johnson
Cory Baumgarten
Courtney Dowling
Courtney Ghosh
Dana Christy
Danell Doyle
Daniel Jones
Daniel Kuntz
Daniel Monroe
Daniel Norris
Daniel Wade
Darci Levens
Darragh Graham
David DeRosa
David Diss
David Miller

David Stewart
David Stillman
David Tewkesbury
Dawson Barchers
Derek Sweeney
Devin Quince
Don Mortimer
Drew Jensen
Elie Garcia
Elizabeth Raba
Emilie Scharf
Emily Crawford
Emily Ellison
Emily Mortensen
Emma Konyn
Emma Linne
Emma Newton
Enoch Stoughton
Eric Coppock
Eric Jepsen
Eric Martinez
Erik Lindseth
Erin Davis
Erinn Arbeznik
Ernesto Grossmann
Ethan Gentert
Evan LaHurd
Everett Russell
Florence Landblom
Forrest Gallagher
Frankie Ryder
Garett Donath
Garrett Bundick
Gary Rempe
Gavin Bailey
Geoffrey Davis
Gina Eldridge
Graham Stoddard
Grayson Gibson
Gregory James
Gregory Rempe
Hannah Dykstra
Hannah Kastein
Hannah Mikelson
Hannah Nelson
Hannah Roy
Hayden Lanzilotta
Hayley O'Neal
Heather Dew
Henry Zaremba
Huntar Martin
Ian Jessee
Ian Kaliszewski
Ian Lane
Isiah Evans
Ivan Moreno
Ivy Brosch
Jack Ulmer
Jack Wood
Jackson Cloud
Jackson Hudgins
Jacob Thiel
Jacob Sklar
Jake Wolynski
James Bedsole
James Kuang
James Lissy
James Mccormick
Janine Russell
Jason Bachman
Jason Nardell
Jay Glad
Jean-Paul Tümmler
Jed Bickford
Jeff Dillon
Jeff Malpezzi
Jeff Rubin
Jeffrey Cloud
Jeffrey Erhard
Jennifer Guerrero
Jeremiah Harris
Jeremy Coleman
Jerry Hopkins
Jerry Lee
Jesse Grimes
Jessica Shaver
Jo Williams
Joel Albin
Jon Banks
Jon Lutgen
Jordan Mullins
Jordan Umrysh
Jorge Arteaga
Joseph Poczatek
Josh Hunter
Joshua Carter
Julia Ratcliff
Julia Rush
Julia Smith
Julie Kleinschmidt
Julie Reinders
Julien Sauget
Justin Marker
Kade Robinson

Kaelyn Dabney
Kaitlyn Plaster
Kari Moyer
Karl Oetjen
Karl Weaver
Kathy Moore
Kathy Von Hatten
Katie Broyles
Katie Reed
Keiran Bissell
Keith Williams
Kelley Dodge
Kelli Deeter
Kelly Brady
Kelsey Stoddard
Kendall Preston
Kevin Coopman
Kevin Hammond
Kevin Reims
Kimberly Medina
Kira Quan
Kris King
Kris Wiesenfeld
Kristina Eaton
Kurt Fischer
Kyle Foley
Lacey Gabrielle
Lance Ostrom
Laura Allured
Laura Groen
Laura Young
Leanna Matthews
Leland Tippit
Levi Buckner
Liam Healy
Lindsay Valentine
Lindsey Walker and Family
Liz Raba and Bryan White
Luis Guerrero
Lydia Bailey
Lyndsi Fajkus
Maddie Harlan
Malcolm McLean
Mallika Ektare
Mario Montoya
Mark Healy
Mark Lauman
Mark Lolla
Mark Malpezzi
Mark Primo
Mark Von Minden
Mary Mesenburg
Matt Corliss
Matt Fralick
Matt Twing
Matthew Jonas
Matthew Katz
Matthew Lague
Matthew Schonebaum
Matthew Winn
Maureen Shirley
Max Stratton
Megan Rubin
Melanie Poczatek
Meredith Wilson
Michael Abel
Michael Colussi
Michael David Farrell Jr.
Michael Fasick
Michael Glass
Michael Lohr
Michael Marlatt
Michael Reynoso
Michael Soda
Michelle Blake
Mike Banos
Mike Glass, Gheda Gayou and Milo Glass
Mike Olson
Mitchell Long
Molly Hogan
Naomi Von Minden
Natalie Hsu
Nathan Meier
Nathan Rodger
Nathan Schulz
Nathan Steven
Nathaniel White
Neil Dhingra
Nicholas Kruczek
Nick Staiano
Nick Stengl
Nicolas Novello
Nikolas Connors
Oscar Cely
Pat Lillis
Pat Sheridan
Patrick Barna
Patrick Dickey
Patrick Hinterberger
Patrick Mackey
Patrick White
Patty Toillion
Paul Hanyzewski
Paul Mariano

Peter Burke
Peter Buttler
Peter Gadomski
Quentin Miller
Rachel Aubry
Rachel Kissner
Rachel Sears
Randy Martin
Rebecca Staiano
Rick Anderson
Rider Smith
Riley Mcneill
Ronda Dorsey
Roxanne Gajewski
Ryan Cummings
Ryan Gajewski
Ryan Goyette
Ryan Parmeter
Ryan Prioreschi
Ryan Schmitz
Ryan Yosua
Ryoko Kataoka
Sadie Goldhammer
Sam Powers
Sandra Fiedler
Sara Guile
Sara Zukowski
Sarah Flynn and Austin Coates
Scott Harper
Scott Keeling
Sean Colvin
Sean Crystal
Sean McNeal
Seth Myers
Shawn Damhoff
Shawna Zimmerman
Sidney Bush
Silas Meriam
Stephanie Beck
Stephen Heston
Stephen Huh
Stephen Shrock
Stetson Roof
Steve Fisk
Stuart Kennedy
Sumeet Kulkarni
Suzanne Junered
Tamara Hale
Taylor Britt
Taylor Gifford
Taylor Smith
The Brandon Family
The Cairns-Alspaugh Family
The Clark Family
The Daty Family
The Davis Family
The Drake Family
The Fligg Family
The Garfein Family
The Gilbert Family
The Graber Family
The Hajek Family
The Hulse Family
The Jensen Family
The Kimmett Family
The Kinzle Family
The Parsons Family
The Scharf Family
The Stremel Family
The Trecoske Houghton Family
The Walker Family
Theresa Brilli
Thomas Smeltzer
Timothy McArthur
TJ Harper
Todd Morgan
Traci Case
Tracie Giargiari
Travis Mundell
Troy Vitullo
Tucker Trumble
Tyler Repasy
Vicky Reinold
Vincent Castillo
Vincent Redding
Walker Bailey
Wendell Callaway
Wendy Fleischman
Weston Johnson
Will Anderson
Will Byrd
William Barras
William Moore
Wylie Hobbs
Youssef Elkhateeb
Ysmael Reyes
Zach Bruhn
Zachary Banachowski
Zack Nigus
Zack Rankin
Zackary Moore
Zebula Sampedro
Zuriel Galusha

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We want our facility to be a resource for groups and families in Longmont. The facility is normally available for […]

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Partner News

St. Vrain Cidery

St. Vrain Cidery, located in Old Town Longmont, is a place to try any one of 36 ciders on tap made in-house and from all over the state. Our Taproom offers foods trucks most days or BYOFood, live music, games on the tables, and an awesome friendly vibe. Let us walk you through some award winning Colorado ciders.

Members of the gym can receive happy hour prices all day during normal business hours. $1 off each pour, $4 off flights.

Front Range Orthopedics

Front Range Orthopedics & Spine is a comprehensive orthopedic center with 10 Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeons, a  full clinic, an MRI, an outpatient surgery center and a 3,000 sq. foot physical therapy space.  For over four decades, Front Range Orthopedics & Spine has offered best-in-class orthopedic and spine services to Longmont and the surrounding communities.  Front Range Orthopedics & Spine empowers patients to keep their bodies in pace with their passions.

Simply Bulk Market

Simply Bulk Market offers food, spices, pet supplies, personal care items, coffees, teas and more.  You pay for the product and not the package!  Show your membership and get 10% off your purchase of regular items.