Climbing Coaching

Take your climbing to the next level with one of our expert coaches. Whether you need to gain confidence, learn new techniques, or build strength, our coaches are here to help individuals and small groups improve their climbing. Before you schedule a session you can choose to meet with your climbing coach for a free 30 min consultation. This will help you to zero in on your specific goals and get you the results you're looking for. This is not required, communication can also be done over email prior to your session.

Personal Training

Are you tired of missing the mark with your fitness goals?  Is it time to work with a professional?  LCC’s  trainers create a customized training plan that will get you there. All training programs at LCC start with a free consultation. We are not a globogym—this is not a high-pressure sales meeting! We will talk about your goals, history, and schedule, as well as conduct a movement screen to get a sense of where you’re currently at. After that, we can figure out the best training options for you to start making progress toward your goals!

Climbing Coaches

Andy Hansen
How can you expect to improve with with Coach Andy?
Andy is a lifelong climber, skier, mountain guide and climbing coach who believes in the process of deliberate practice to achieve excellence in his mountainous and training pursuits. Andy uses a combination of verbal, visual and kinesthetic demonstration to allow his students and guests to yield breakthroughs at any level of climbing, in any discipline.

  • Technical skill & technique for novices
  • Intermediate, advanced & elite training programming
  • Indoor/outdoor onsight & redpoint techniques

Contact Andy to book an appointment:
[email protected]

Brad Richard
Brad has been coaching for 10 years and primarily works with youth climbers focused on competition and outdoor climbing. He also works with adult clients looking to push outdoor grades, to develop a training plan more specific to their needs, or to overcome any type of climbing related injury. Best suited for intermediate and advanced climbers. How can you expect to improve with with Coach Brad?

  • Mental preparation for climbing and competition specifically
  • Transition from indoor to outdoor climbing
  • Injury prevention and post - rehab climbing

Contact Brad to book an appointment: [email protected]

Jack Hunsaker
Jack strives to apply and pass on what he has learned along the way as a climber, competitor and coach. Focusing on climbing basic breakdowns for beginners, footwork and mental preparation for climbing. Best suited for all ages and ability levels. How can you expect to improve with with Coach Jack?

  • Climbing basics breakdown for beginners
  • Focus on body movement and positioning
  • Mental preparation for climbing

Contact Jack to book an appointment: [email protected]

Personal Trainers

Carly Cain
How can you expect to improve with Coach Carly?
Carly is a certified Climb Strong coach and personal trainer. She is passionate about helping you get stronger, improving your mobility, and upping your mental game. She welcomes all levels of athletes who are dedicated to reaching their goals. She will work hard to ensure your success by using a wide array of tools, several of which are:

  • Red point tactics and mental preparation
  • Movement analysis with corrective exercises/drills
  • Strength training and hangboarding
  • Carly is a climbing coach & personal trainer

Contact Carly to book an appointment: [email protected]

Kylie O'Connor
Kylie completed her personal training certification in 2020. Her training and teaching style both focus on functionality, attention to detail and overall increased body awareness. Kylie will help you to improve movement patterns, increase strength without sacrificing range of motion and increase coordination. She also specializes in joint "pre-hab" and injury prevention. How can you expect to improve with Kylie?

  • Improving movement patterns
  • Increasing strength without sacrificing range of motion
  • Increased proprioception and coordination
  • Joint “pre-hab” / injury prevention

Contact Kylie to book an appointment: [email protected]