We offer many different programs for youth from ages 3 to 19.

Summer Camps (Ages 6-15)

Are you looking for a good activity for your kids when they are out of school on holiday?  We've got a great way for them to spend those days being active and having fun.  Signups available now - Learn More »


Longmont Climbing Collective is a great place to host everything from youth birthday parties to active corporate retreats.  You’ll have freedom to enjoy all the amenities of the gym plus special reserved access to dedicated, private spaces just for you and your group. - Learn More »

Youth Climbing Team (Ages 8-19)

The team program is geared toward experienced youth climbers looking to take their climbing game to the next level. Led by a group of seasoned coaches, team members will use guided training regiments, self-exploration and peer mentoring to navigate the many aspects of training for climbing and maintaining a healthy climbing lifestyle. Team members will have the opportunity to compete at championship level events, attend team specific training camps, and go on outdoor climbing trips.  Find more information and links to register here - Learn More »

Kinder Club (Ages 3-6)

Kids can start learning climbing skills as early as age 3.  We offer month-to-month programs on Thursdays specifically tailored for youngsters.  Find more information and links to register here - Learn More »

Kids Club (Ages 7-14)

The club program is month to month designed to give young climbers a pressure-free environment to explore and learn about climbing. Under direct supervision of experienced instructors, club members will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of climbing technique and movement, learn the importance of safety and self-care as they develop a healthy climbing lifestyle, and build strong relationships with their peers.  Find more information and links to register here - Learn More »

Climb To Learn Program (Ages 8-14)

Are your kids missing their daily activity and social time? LCC has created a supervised open gym program where coaches will teach climbing technique, play games and give space and time for your kid to be just that ... a kid.  This program is designed for learners K-5 and is offered in a 3 or 5 day format. - Learn More »

Homeschool Club (Ages 6-14)

The Buff Bears Homeschool Club is a program designed to support physical education and social connection for those educated at home.  Under the direct supervision of a coach, students will learn fundamental climbing technique, gym etiquette, and how to work through challenges. - Learn More »

Parents Night Out (Ages 7-14)

We understand that being a parent is hard work, especially during this pandemic! Let us take the kids for a few hours while you take time for yourselves. LCC partners with several awesome businesses around the community, we encourage you to check out our featured partner each month to enjoy a special deal on your date night! - Learn More »

Day Off From School Camps

A day off from school means a chance to climb, an opportunity to do something different, meet new friends or hang with your current crew at the Longmont Climbing Collective. This school year, the LCC is offering full day or half day camp options throughout the year. Find a date and time that is right for your family! - Learn More »

If you've got questions please email [email protected].

You can also sign up for a family membership, student (12-18) membership or youth (11 and under) membership.  Check out all our membership options here.