Youth Climbing Team

The team program is geared toward experienced youth climbers looking to take their climbing game to the next level. Led by a group of seasoned coaches, team members will use guided training regiments, self-exploration and peer mentoring to navigate the many aspects of training for climbing and maintaining a healthy climbing lifestyle. Team members will have the opportunity to compete at championship level events, attend team specific training camps, and go on outdoor climbing trips.

We have 3 levels of instruction:

  • Youth Team (Ages 8-14 / V3-V5) - A great way to introduce your child to competitive climbing, developing more movement and mental skills. ($190/month)
  • Advanced Team (Ages 12-19 / V5 and up) - The advanced team is designed for the competitive climber who is looking to learn more advanced climbing skills. ($200/month)
  • Elite Team (Ages 14-19/V8 and up) - The Elite team is small, focused and dedicated to being the best they can be. Reaching the next level in leadership and mindfulness to climb their hardest. ($220/month)

LCC team members will have full access to the facility plus added perks such as:

  • Team specific training camps and trips
  • Exposure to yoga instruction at practices
  • Team building and mentorship opportunities
  • Discounts associated with sponsorships
  • Partnerships with local businesses
  • And much more...

We like to talk to each child before placing them so we can ensure they are in the best program for them to succeed. To schedule a time to talk to our head coach or to ask questions, please email [email protected]