Climbing Crew (ages 13 & up)

Climbing Crew welcomes all ability levels. This program is the perfect fit for those who are looking to join a group of like-minded individuals in pursuit of learning and improving their climbing skills.

No experience is necessary, though any previous involvement in climbing is most welcome.

Throughout the course of the session we will cover:

  • Projecting as a group and use of climbing language for ease of communication
  • Various fundamentals in foot and arm work that every climber can improve on
  • Body awareness and using the body as a whole to conquer hard climbs
  • Beta reading and route visualization skills
  • Basic conditioning

*If you are signing up a child for this program that doesn't have an account in their name, you will need to add them to your account so the registration can be in their name.

Just follow this short video tutorial and accompanying link:

MBO Link: