We offer many different programs for youth from ages 3 to 19.

Please read this before signing up for any of our programs.  If you are signing up a child for this program that doesn’t have an account in their name, you can add them to your account and then make the reservation in their name. Just watch this short video tutorial and then use this link to set up your child’s account.

Summer Camps (Ages 4-13 in 3 different age groups)


Youth Climbing Team (Ages 8-19)

Kinder Club (Ages 3-6)

Kids Club (Ages 7-12)

Homeschool Club (Ages 7-12)

Parents Night Out (Ages 7-14)

Day Off From School Camps

If you’ve got questions please email [email protected].

You can also sign up for a family membership, student (12-18) membership or youth (11 and under) membership.  Check out all our membership options here.