Bryan Hylenski

From: Delaware (yes, the first state!)

Loves about LCC community: I enjoy the accepting nature of this community. No matter where you are from, when you arrived or what you enjoy, this community embraces you and has something to offer everyone

Fun fact: I’ve established new sport, bouldering and alpine routes, put up multiple first ascents in the Himalayas and developed climbing crags around the globe. The most interesting route I ever completed was pedaling from L.A. to D.E. with nothing but my phone and some camping gear. 

Shauna Hylenski

From: Walworth, New York

About: Shauna and her husband Bryan found their way to Longmont with a "Just Married" sign in the back window of their Isuzu Trooper in 1999. They were determined to manifest their dreams at the base of these majestic mountains. Shauna found her way to yoga through her career as a professional dancer and massage therapist. Her interest in healing and body through movement was met by the tranquil mind she encountered while on the mat. Many years later after studying yoga, teaching and traveling the world over with her lifelong partner, Bryan, and their daughter Hana, returned to Longmont in 2015. Shauna expertly guides her students deep inside their own bodies and minds, where they will discover their own inner wisdom and true teacher, themselves.

Heeran Joe

From: Busan, South Korea

Loves about LCC community: I love the inclusivity of this community. To feel that we can truly be ourselves and are fully accepted is pretty unique. 

Fun fact: I have a very good sense of humor in Korea, too bad I can’t share it with you all. 

Mack Maier

From: Overland Park, Kansas

Loves about LCC community: I enjoy the frequency with which our members become my friends. I’ve been a member at 7 climbing gyms throughout my life, and really feel we have something special here.

Fun fact: I first tried rock climbing in college in Kansas of all places. I had to drive 12 hours every time I wanted to touch real rock.

Aaron Tellier

From: Macedon, New York 

Loves about LCC community: The incredible generosity of our members and other supporters. The pandemic has been hard, but people are looking out for their community and that’s really special. 

Fun fact: I’m studying for my official drone pilot license and trying to crash the one I have less in the meantime.

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