Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do I need to participate in bouldering?

Unlike rope climbing, bouldering only requires climbing shoes.  We have climbing shoes available for rent or for purchase if you come often.  Chalk can be useful as well, but is not required.

Do I need to be certified or receive any special training to boulder?

No, there are no ropes involved and you can just get on the boulders and start having fun.  We will have trainers and classes available at certain times in case you'd like to take your skills to another level.

Are there other activities besides bouldering?

Yes!  We have a full fitness area and yoga classes that are included at no charge in the membership.

Do you have a military discount?

Yes! We appreciate the sacrifices that active duty military personnel make every day so they get the same discounted rates as students.

Are Yoga classes included in the membership fee?

Yes! Longmont's own local studio Shri Studios will be offering daily classes and programs, free to all members.

Can I bring in outside food and drink?

Yes, please feel free to brings snacks and your own non-alcoholic drinks.  But, in case you get hungry or thirsty you'll be able to purchase refreshment from our on-premise store.

I'm a member.  Can I bring a friend?

Yes! Once per month you can bring a friend who has never visited the gym before. Beyond that, your guests will just need to purchase a day pass, punch pass or membership.

Are dogs welcome?

We love our dogs as much as you do, but unfortunately, we cannot invite them in to the facility because of town rules.

What is your holiday schedule?

New Year’s Eve: Early Close at 4 pm
New Year’s Day: Late Open – CLOSED
Memorial Day: CLOSED
Independence Day: CLOSED
Labor Day: CLOSED
Thanksgiving: CLOSED
Christmas Eve: Early Close @ 4 pm
Christmas Day: CLOSED

--For all other questions please contact [email protected] or call (720) 340-3640.