From: Lafayette, Colorado

Favorite place to climbEldorado Canyon

Fun fact: My record for eating 12 oysters is 47 seconds.







From: Boulder, Colorado

Favorite place to climb: I really enjoyed climbing in Wallula, Washington.

Fun fact: My favorite book series is The Expanse. It's the best piece of science fiction literature I've ever encountered. It's set in a novel time period and full of interesting and real characters with nonstop action that always manages to keep you on your toes.






From: I was born in southern NH but I surprisingly started climbing in Springfield, OH

Favorite place to climb: The mountains! I love the adventures that can happen when climbing bigger objectives. Taking on climbing adventures in the mountains that take all day long are my favorite.

Fun fact: I have an identical twin brother who also climbs...he is my most trusted climbing partner






From: Rochester, New York

Favorite place to climb: So far RMNP and it's magic.

What is your favorite movie or book and why? Books are for dweebs. That being said the 2 most influential books I've read are "Dharma Bums" by Jack Kerouac and "Let My People Go Surfing" Yvon Chouinard. Read them and you will understand why.