CIARA CARUCCI: Lead Climbing Coach and Trainer

From: Seattle, Washington

Loves about climbingI love the challenge of using my whole body to solve a puzzle on the wall.

Fun fact: I grew 13 inches in 4th Grade!






ERIN DOYLE: Senior Climbing Coach

From: Taos, New Mexico (and moved to Colorado as a wee little lad)

Loves about climbing: Climbing has always been a shining beacon in my life. I love the realization that there are no limits. Success usually comes in the form of subtle variations, improvements, adjustments and unlocking the secrets of the stone.           

Fun fact: My other job is as a career Wildland Firefighter and I’ve been doing that for almost 20 years all around this beautiful country.



NOAH GRABER: Climbing Coach and Team LCC Member

From: Longmont, Colorado

Loves about climbing: I really enjoy the technical challenges that climbing provides.

Fun fact: I am a sucker for board games.






JACK HUNSAKER: Climbing Coach

From: Boulder, Colorado

Favorite place to climb: I really enjoyed climbing in Wallula, Washington.

Fun fact: My favorite book series is The Expanse. It’s the best piece of science fiction literature I’ve ever encountered. It’s set in a novel time period and full of interesting and real characters with nonstop action that always manages to keep you on your toes.

Jack also coaches climbing for individuals and small groups





From: New Orleans, Louisiana

Loves about climbing: I love climbing for the collaborative environment that it fosters while also being a very personal pursuit. I love to coach climbing for the awesome opportunity it gives me to help develop kids into better athletes and stronger people through personal growth and competition.

Fun fact: I would drive 3 hours round trip multiple times a                                                                                week just to go to the climbing gym before one was built in                                                                              New Orleans in 2015.


TAYLOR RIMMER: Head Trainer and Membership Director

From: Kansas City, Missouri

Loves about LCC communityWe are real. We aren’t cliquey. We welcome newcomers to climbing, lifting and yoga without judgment. We are strong and we are getting stronger.     

Fun factI almost became a high school English Teacher, so better not get out of line!






From: New Jersey, but I’ve lived in Colorado for almost a decade!

Loves about climbing: I love it all! The community, the movement the mental game, exploring beautiful areas outside with amazing people. Perhaps most of all, I love the joy. The joy of unlocking a route or even just a series of moves. That feeling opens up the world, and is unbeatable. 

Fun fact: My personal mantra before trying to redpoint a route is: I love climbing, it makes me happy. I say it out loud to my partners, and inside my head at rests. It helps me enjoy the moment.