Climbing Tips – How to Get Unstuck

Training to get unstuck

How many times have you found yourself on a climb needing to make that seamless transition to the next move and you’re stuck?  Is it your strength, your flexibility, your metal state or your balance?  All of these obstacles can be conquered through a regular yoga practice. When you dedicate yourself to time on a yoga mat you will find the benefits translating to your time on the wall.


This seems to be the benefit of yoga that’s the most common knowledge. Opening up your hips and hamstrings is always a popular place to start. Did you know that you can benefit your hands and feet through yoga too? Opening the fascia or connective tissue through regular stretching helps your hands and feet to become more receptive to crimps and tiny foot holds.

Stretch feet

Stretch Fingers Forearms

Mind & Breath

These two keys to climbing are a main focus of a yoga practice as well. On the mat you’re encouraged to bring all of your attention to the present, each breath and movement. This trains your mind so you’re able to call on this skill even when you’re not connected to the ground. Slow, controlled breath not only oxygenates your muscles, but also promotes calm and clear decisions.

Proper breathing

Balance & Strength

When you dedicate yourself to a regular yoga practice you will notice how your balance begins to improve. This enables you to make delicate moves while conserving your vital energy for the power moves. You will also gain balanced strength and flexibility. In a yoga practice you will work each main muscle group, even if the focus is on one in particular. Can you say injury prevention?

The LCC yoga program is powered by Shri Studios, a local yoga studio with highly experienced yoga instructors and programs. You can read more about Shri Studios here.  Shri Studios has crafted the LCC yoga program to meet the unique needs of its growing community. All of the weekly yoga classes at LCC are included in your day pass, punch pass or membership. The workshops and series classes are offered to the public and discounted for members.  Check out a calendar of all our classes and workshops here.

Hope to see you on the wall and the yoga mat!


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