Strongmont Sends – Results and Highlights

Thank you for showing up, climbing hard, and having fun with us at Strongmont Sends! Our first bouldering comp of the year was a massive success and we're looking forward to many more. Below you'll find the final scores for all competitors, plus access to our full photo Strongmont Sends photo album!


  1. Hee Young Yi - 1800 (won by 3 attempts)
  2. Amy Chan - 1800
  3. Rachel Rockenfeller - 1800 (1 attempt)
  4. Michael New - 1800
  5. Brittany Spomer - 1800
  6. Jessica Hall - 1600
  7. Prachi Patel - 1600
  8. Kyle Williams - 1500
  9. Maitreya Rose - 1200
  10. Cassandra Gilbert - 950
  11. Trevor Pitcher - 700
  12. Chloe Gilbert - 450
Novice Podium


  1. Grace Ryan - 3900 (won by 2 attempts)
  2. Noah Dede - 3900
  3. Carson MacGee - 3700
  4. Kestrel Pikiewicz/Joe Cohen/Ryan Hunt - 3000
  5. Evan Meyers - 3000
  6. Caroline Wickes - 3000
  7. Ben Reinold - 2900
  8. Josh Garfein - 2700
  9. Jonathan Swavely - 2700
  10. Ryan Siebring/Dan Raymond/Emerson McIntosh - 2600
  11. Sam Ridley - 2600
  12. Kacey Minear - 2600
  13. Devin DeScenza - 2550
  14. Donovan Bosley - 2400
  15. Lauren Chavez/Emma Bamford - 2300
  16. Marguerite Pankey - 2300
  17. Camden Fligg - 2300
  18. Amelia Christy - 2300
  19. Abby Armstrong/John Bacovcin - 2200
  20. Haidyn Ogg - 2200
  21. Matthew Miller - 2200
  22. Sterling Becvar - 2200
Intermediate Podium


  1. Derek New - 5700 (won by 3 attempts)
  2. Jack Martinus - 5700
  3. Samuel Peccoud -5300
  4. Marc Akbar - 5100
  5. Alex Johnson - 4900
  6. Clint Sciacca - 4800
  7. Noah Cross - 4800
  8. Hayden Pugh - 4800
  9. Devon Smart/Travis Johnson - 4800
  10. Gabe Krzykwa - 4800
  11. Ryne Silver - 4500
  12. Jack Hunsaker - 4500
  13. Reed Garfein - 3900
  14. Justin Discar - 3800
  15. Nicole Miswell - 3650
  16. Aaron Burns - 1800
Advanced Podium

Thanks to all of our sponsors - Butora, 8BPlus, Club Pilates, Jefe's, Longmont Bicycle Company, Red Hammer Rehab, The Roost, Warrior Playground, Spumoni Creamery, Simply Bulk Market, and Trango - plus the DJ's, competitors, and everyone else who made this thing happen!

Updates to our Mask Policy

Beginning Thursday, May 20, masks are not required for LCC guests who have received the vaccine, in accordance with the most current CDC guidelines.

Masks are still required for all LCC staff, kids participating in our climbing programs, and those who are not yet fully vaccinated.

Social distancing is still encouraged, especially for those who are not fully vaccinated, and we will continue to use our existing screening questions in case contract tracing is needed.

We will continue to follow the guidance of the CDC and local health officials. If you have questions, please email [email protected]

Thanks for keeping us #Strongmont!

Meet the Ladies Behind LCC

March is Women's History Month and we’d like to introduce you to some of the #LadiesBehindLCC that have devoted themselves to bettering our community.

Shauna Hylenski

Q: What's your role at LCC?

A: Founder, Program Director, Yoga Instructor, Mom (unofficially)

Q: How have you helped the LCC community?

A: I think I help bring a balanced perspective to our programs and business. I have an education background as well as being a dance and yoga teacher for the last 10 years. I love how our business blends climbing, yoga and fitness and how they all support each other - just like our community. I'm really proud that at LCC we have created a culture of mutual respect and support between employees, teachers, coaches and leaders which feels pretty amazing all around.

Q: Any big goals for 2021? Personal or related to the gym.

A: One of my goals is to continue to learn and practice the harmonium and kirtan singing. I started this during the pandemic and have totally fallen in love. I'm thankful to my Tuesday Night yoga students for being my "sivasana audience" (no one has gotten up to leave - yet). I am also really excited to start teaching Advanced Teacher Training again. We lead our first round at Shri Studios in 2019/2020 and are getting ready to launch another training in September of 2021.

Q: Are there any women who inspire you, in or out of LCC, that you'd like to give a shout-out to?

A: My daughter Hana constantly inspires me with her caring and authentic nature. I very much admire Janet Stone who is a beloved teacher and powerful force in the yoga world. I also need to show some love to our amazing yoga teachers. Gina Matranga, Amanda Rabatin, Kylie O'Connor, Heather Hottovy, Lyndsi Fajkus and Kevin Flynn. These teachers created some serious, steady ground for our community during the pandemic closer and beyond. I am so incredibly grateful for them and their love and dedication to Shri and LCC.

Kylie O’Connor

Q: What's your role at LCC?

A: Yoga Instructor and Trainer

Q: How have you helped the LCC community?

A: I believe that I bring a unique approach to my teaching and training that not only promotes body awareness but that encourages that often lost sense of “play” and exploration.

The supportive, encouraging and authentic nature of this community are what make this not only possible- but FUN.

Q: Any big goals for 2021? Personal or related to the gym.

A: My goal for 2021 is to keep with the ability to evolve and adapt that we all began to master in 2020. I strive to continue to learn, grow and improve in my ability to provide the best training and teaching experience possible for my students/clients. I hope to find even more ways to share the movement and mobility styles that I am so passionate about. A personal goal is to continue to grow my small wood working business and do more wood burning projects!

Q: Are there any women who inspire you, in or out of LCC, that you'd like to give a shout-out to?

A: I honestly couldn’t name just a couple if I tried. All of the women of LCC deserve a shout out. It is a constant source of motivation to see so many strong and dedicated women within one community. I'm inspired daily by my fellow team members here and grateful for the powerful energy they project!

Meagan Campbell

Q: What's your role at LCC?

A: Director of Customer Service & Retail Operations

Q: How have you helped the LCC community?

A: I've done pretty much every job at LCC - taught yoga, taught fitness classes, painted walls, coached kids, vacuumed mats… But now I mostly help to bridge the gap between our members and the rest of the management team, to advocate for the needs and wishes of our community. I love that a huge part of my job is hanging out and getting to know our people! I ensure that our team is prepared to give everyone that walks in the door the best experience possible. But most importantly - I'm responsible for providing the sweet, sweet brews upstairs!

Q: Any big goals for 2021? Personal or related to the gym.

A: I always have climbing and fitness goals - besides my ever-growing list of routes to do this year I'd also love to see how many lines I can lead on only tricams, just for the tomfoolery of it all. Professionally I'm excited to work on our social mission with Shauna, creating more avenues for people to enjoy our gym. 2020 was about survival for LCC, and I look forward to 2021 being about thriving and growing.

Q: Are there any women who inspire you, in or out of LCC, that you'd like to give a shout-out to?

A: The list is so long - all the badass female climbers that are kicking butt and taking names in a sport that's still male-dominated, all the moms of the world (the hardest and most important job!), but most of all I'm grateful for my friends that continually help me find my own voice and way in the world by being loud and proud in their own voices.

Christine Vadovszki

Q: What's your role at LCC?

Head Climbing Coach of Youth Team, Performance Climbing Coach for classes/private clients

Q: How have you helped the LCC community?

A: I've been a part of LCC's coaching team since the very beginning and have coached everything from Kinder Club to our competitive team to advanced adult classes.

Q: Any big goals for 2021? Personal or related to the gym.

A: I am always working to grow as a climber, coach and person. I have some outdoor sport climbing projects I hope to put down this year.

Q: Are there any women who inspire you, in or out of LCC, that you'd like to give a shout-out to?

A: All of my female friends inspire me.

LCC is now 5 Star Certified

Longmont Climbing Collective is proud to be announced as one of Boulder Counties first 5 Star Certified businesses for following enhanced COVID-19 protocols. The Colorado 5 Star State Certification Program enables businesses that meet enhanced safety guidelines to open at greater capacity. At this time, in order to be extra cautious, we’ve limited our capacity to 75 which is below what we’re legally able to do. This is a voluntary program is for businesses that have gone above and beyond to keep their communities safe. The certification involves 53 criteria and we are pleased to report that we scored a perfect 100%.

A recent article in The Longmont Leader features pictures of staff and members as well as Bryan Hylenski, LCC’s General Manager and Co-founder, talking about the program and what we’re doing to promote safety. Quoting from the article:

“The certification process was straightforward and the partners charged with the creation of the program have done an effective job, Hylenski said. ‘(Throughout the pandemic) I’ve dealt with the state, the state’s attorney office, the county, the city of Longmont, and hands down Boulder County and the committee that put this together... we’re working 24 hours a day to get this up and running,’ he said.”

We’re going to keep working to be 5 star certified, promote safety and expand capacity in carefully considered way in accordance with the guidelines. If you want to read more about our safety protocols click here. Finally, and most importantly, as a member of our community, we want to thank you for supporting the gym and following the safety guidelines. We couldn’t do this with YOU!

5 star certified

Rent part of LCC for your “COVID bubble”

We want our facility to be a resource for groups and families in Longmont. The facility is normally available for events, but during COVID we’re not able to host large groups for obvious reasons. But we can help family and friends climb together in a space all their own. So we’re offering two hour sessions where you can climb, unwind and have fun within your COVID-bubble.

Access to our auto-belay climbing area for a family or group (up to 4 people)
Climbing shoes for everyone
Climbing harness for auto-belays
Use of one of our private party rooms
Access to the ninja course (weekends only)

Climbing (weekdays and weekends) – $65.  Plus $10 per person up to a maximum of 8.
Climbing + Ninja (weekends only) – $85.  Plus $12 per person up to a maximum of 8.

Optional add-ons:
$50 for 2 hours of climbing coaching coaching / $65 for climbing and ninja coaching (weekends only)
Access to our full facility for climbing, training and fitness $25 for a group of 4

Call 720-340-3640 or email [email protected] to schedule your private climbing session.

Welcome Erin Doyle – LCC’s newest bouldering coach

After moving to Colorado Springs from Northern New Mexico in his early teens, Erin began his life-changing ascent through the adventures of climbing on the famous, albeit somewhat chossy, red sandstone pinnacles in the Garden of the Gods. When climbing gyms were not a thing, Erin found creative ways to climb every day by setting up a less than sophisticated way of top roping the stone chimney of the family house or bolting rocks and poorly molded Bondo “climbing holds” to the side of the tree house. After discovering a primitive climbing gym in The Springs in the early 90’s, and enjoying a short career in the competitive circuit, Erin took part in coaching the youth team, teaching individuals the nuances of vertical movement, as well as some outdoor guiding. When it came time to “get a real job,” Erin started a career as a wildland firefighter in 2002 after being evacuated from the Hayman Fire that devastated Colorado and has been fighting fires around the country ever since. Erin has spent much time on the granite big walls of Yosemite, the overhanging limestone caves of Greece, and everywhere in between. Erin’s passion is watching the flame grow in peoples’ spirits as they begin their journey in climbing and bouldering. His mantra for people just starting out in the sport, as they nurse forearms so fatigued that gripping the steering wheel to drive home becomes potentially problematic, is “Welcome to your new addiction!”

He’s currently teaching the Intro to Bouldering Class.  It starts Monday, March 4th at 6:30 PM and runs on Monday’s for 4 weeks.  You can sign up here –