COVID Protocols

COVID Rules - **Updated November 19, 2020**

We're trying hard to be responsible during this challenging time.  We are following guidance from state and local officials to make sure we do our part while still trying to provide you with the best possible experience.  Here are the key things you need to know:

  • Masks are required for everyone at ALL TIMES*.  Masks must cover your mouth and nose.
  • Social distancing must be maintained with no exceptions.
  • All visits must now be reserved through our easy online system. Reserve you spot here. If you're having a challenge reserving your spot, especially for family members, please check out this short instruction video and then click here to log in.
  • 60-minute windows are available until 4PM and 30-minute windows after 4pm until close. If there's space, you may book multiple windows, but please do not book more than you plan to use. When booking a reservation, you will also choose the room that you plan to use.
  • 10 people are allowed in each room of the gym: The gym will be divided by into rooms that include the East Climbing Room (The Chunk and Wave Boulders), West Climbing Room (The Prow and BoB Boulders), Training Room (including the weight room and climbing systems boards), and Mezzanine and Classroom (for yoga classes).
  • The new patio is now open with a max of 10 people in that space. Masks are not required in the patio area as long as social distancing can be maintained. Before coming back inside you must wear a mask.
  • Avoid touching your face and make use of the hand sanitizer stations located throughout the gym.
  • Yoga classes are being offered at limited capacity up to 6 people.  Masks are required for those indoor activities as well. Virtual yoga classes are also still available to members and subscribers.
  • Training classes are suspended for now but virtual training classes are available to members and subscribers. Check out the virtual training classes here.
  • Follow all guidelines as posted in the gym and advised by staff.  If you witness someone breaking the rules please notify a staff member immediately and we will take appropriate action.
  • Masks are available for purchase for $1, though bringing your own mask is encouraged as masks are still in short supply.
  • Did we mention that masks are required for everyone at ALL TIMES?*

We are very glad to welcome you back when you are ready.  Hope to see you soon!


*The only exception to the mask policy is the patio and for guests who have a medical note signed by their doctor, stating their condition.  Failure to provide documentation that we must retain on file could result in a suspension of our business privileges so we take this very seriously.  Even if this exception applies to you, you must maintain social distancing at all times, no exceptions.