Benefits of Indoor Climbing for Kids

Benefits of Indoor Climbing for Kids – There are more than you might think!

Are you searching for a type of activity for your kids that will help increase their confidence, problem solving skills, and you can even do it as a family?

Indoor rock climbing might just be the thing you’ve been searching for.

First, there are two types of climbing to be aware of.

  1. Rope Climbing: This type of climbing uses a harness and a rope.  The walls are typically higher and you will often need a belay partner to hold the rope while the climber scales the wall.
  2. Bouldering: This type of climbing has no ropes.  The walls are typically lower and the bouldering area is equipped with mats designed to support climbers as they come off the wall.

Climbing is an amazing activity for children that not only builds physical strength and fortitude but helps navigate mental challenges both on and off the wall.

Let’s explore some of the biggest benefits climbing can offer your kids.

1. Climbing builds confidence

No matter if you’re a kid or an adult, nothing boosts confidence and self-esteem quite like climbing. This is especially true if your child is afraid of heights, and battling these fears will provide the skills they need to overcome mental and physical struggles throughout life. Climbing teaches us persistence in the face of adversity.  Who doesn’t need a little more of that?

2. Climbing increases strength and flexibility

Because climbing is a full-body activity, it’s a great way to enhance overall physical fitness. Your child will exercise their core, legs, arms, and even the tiny muscles in their hands that provide some serious grip strength. Endurance is also a big part of climbing, especially as kids progress to longer and more technically difficult routes.

3. Climbing improves hand, foot, and eye coordination

Climbing is a full-body activity that incorporates every major muscle group and appendage. It also requires full body coordination and cross body patterning unlike any other sport. When your child climbs, they learn to evaluate the route and then determine how to move their body and use their hands, feet and core to reach the top.

4. Climbing enhances problem solving skills

Climbing is as much of a mental game as it is a physical feat.

As they climb more they’ll learn how to mentally map out the most efficient ways to navigate the holds. These problem solving and planning skills can easily transfer to everyday life.

5. Bouldering with friends and family.

Bouldering in particular is known to be a very social sport.  Since you can climb solo or in a group it opens the door to many different social styles.  It is wonderful to explore as a family.  Show your kids how physical fitness can be fun with a little family bonding on the side. It might be scary and intimidating at first, but with persistence and practice you’ll all be scaling walls in no time.

Field Trips

School group outing? Sports team gathering? No matter what the occasion, LCC is the place! With our indoor mezzanine or outdoor patio, we can accommodate your event for every season. We offer over 15,000 square feet of climbing space with climbs to challenge any level of climber from beginner to pro. Each field trip includes the use of LCC for up to 4 hours.

$175 for up to 10 climbers (includes shoe rental)
$15 per climber after 10
$50 add-on to work with one of our expert climbing coaches for 1 hour.

* If you are scheduling for youth climbers, there must be a 5:1 adult to climber ratio for the field trip duration.

Contact LCC at [email protected] or call 720-340-3640to schedule your event today!