LCC is now 5 Star Certified

Longmont Climbing Collective is proud to be announced as one of Boulder Counties first 5 Star Certified businesses for following enhanced COVID-19 protocols. The Colorado 5 Star State Certification Program enables businesses that meet enhanced safety guidelines to open at greater capacity. At this time, in order to be extra cautious, we’ve limited our capacity to 75 which is below what we’re legally able to do. This is a voluntary program is for businesses that have gone above and beyond to keep their communities safe. The certification involves 53 criteria and we are pleased to report that we scored a perfect 100%.

A recent article in The Longmont Leader features pictures of staff and members as well as Bryan Hylenski, LCC’s General Manager and Co-founder, talking about the program and what we’re doing to promote safety. Quoting from the article:

“The certification process was straightforward and the partners charged with the creation of the program have done an effective job, Hylenski said. ‘(Throughout the pandemic) I’ve dealt with the state, the state’s attorney office, the county, the city of Longmont, and hands down Boulder County and the committee that put this together... we’re working 24 hours a day to get this up and running,’ he said.”

We’re going to keep working to be 5 star certified, promote safety and expand capacity in carefully considered way in accordance with the guidelines. If you want to read more about our safety protocols click here. Finally, and most importantly, as a member of our community, we want to thank you for supporting the gym and following the safety guidelines. We couldn’t do this with YOU!

5 star certified