Birthday Party Ideas During COVID

How to Celebrate your Child’s Birthday in the time of COVID-19

by: Shauna Hylenski

It can be tough coming up with birthday party ideas these days since many of our favorite places have limitations. But birthdays continue on whether the world is in chaos or not. For our kids, this tradition is one that we should not put off until we get a vaccine.

So, how do we celebrate? How do we mark this important milestone in a way that is relatively safe, yet fun and carefree? Here are a few ideas of how to make your child’s birthday memorable, in a good way.

We have ranked the birthday themes below from 1-3 in the COVID friendly scale.

♦= If you haven’t left your house in 6 months this one isn’t for you

♦♦= Middle of the road

♦♦♦= Best choice for those who need to be cautious

Outdoor Enthusiast

Party in the Park: ♦♦ Open air and lots of space for social distancing. City parks have always been a great option for birthday parties and now more than ever. You can use the city parks without a reservation, but it would be advised to reserve the shelter just in case. Some of our favorite parks in Longmont: Thompson Park, Roosevelt Park and Roger’s Grove.

Backyard camping: ♦♦♦ Pitch a tent in the living room or in the backyard. If you’re indoors, light a few candles and tell stories with flashlights while eating microwaved s’more’s. If the weather is nice and you are outside, build a fire and roast marshmallows. Reminisce about favorite birthday memories and talk about future memories you want to make together as a family.

Budding Artists

Painting Pottery: ♦♦ This can be a wonderful way for a small group of friends to let their creativity flow.  Our favorite place in Longmont is Crackpots.  You can rent one of their party rooms for a larger group or walk-ins are welcome too.  Each person can paint something for the birthday girl or boy as well as something for themselves.

Chalk the Driveway: ♦♦♦ This is a super easy way for neighborhood friends to write birthday wishes and messages all over your driveway and sidewalk with sidewalk chalk. This is a great way for friends and family to share their messages and express their creativity .

Athlete Super Star

Climbing and Ninja Warrior: ♦♦ This is the perfect birthday party for your “little monkey” who can’t get enough climbing and ninja. Small groups of friends and family can climb and traverse the obstacles together all while wearing masks and taking precautions.  Longmont Climbing Collective and Warrior Playground offer parties where your kids can live out their climbing ninja dreams and rent one of their private party rooms for your group.

Trampoline Park: ♦ Let’s get this party Jumpin' Jumpin'. A great spot to burn some serious energy and have a ton of fun on the obstacle courses, dodge ball room and basketball hoops. Keep in mind that masks are not required in all facilities while jumping.

Home Body

Host a Laser Tag Party at Home: ♦♦♦ That’s right: you can rent your own laser tag gear and turn your home into an adventure laser tag course.  Our favorite is the Commando Laser Tag.  This awesome company not only delivers the gear but also helps you set up the course.  Perfect for a birthday party where a little more yard space is available.

Host a Birthday Drive By Parade: ♦♦♦ Ask friends and family to drive by your home waving, honking, blowing bubbles. They can even toss birthday gifts onto the lawn. Coordinate a time with friends and family locally to parade by and celebrate from a safe distance.

Decorations All Over the House: ♦♦♦ Make huge poster board signs (or use cardboard boxes), banners, streamers, balloons, whatever you have on hand that’s festive. Leave everything up for a couple of days to keep the party going.

No matter which birthday theme you choose or whether you are at a climbing gym or a tent in your living room; what is most important is the time.  Spending time with those you love and ensuring they feel special and celebrated.